This is the wiki for our project. We are designing a Social Sports Partner finder application. This will be a mobile application targeted towards people of all ages / gender looking for people to play sports with.

The most important aspect of the app is the ability to search, find and socialize with people. The search will provide quick access to the list of people interested in playing the particular sport or any of the sports the user is interested in. Search can be performed with filters like location, playing ability. The social aspect of the app will let the user to "follow" any particular player, sports group, location or event. Any updates related to the above will find its way to the user's feed. Think of this as facebook for all the sporting activities. Other features include a simple and quick-to-create personal profile. The user can enter the interested sports and the ability level in each of them. The app will also request feedback from players after each game and will suggest if their sporting ability is not correctly entered. The app can also help new friends to meet in a sports field common to them. The database will have information like hours of operation, facilities like flood lights, any other events planned there etc.